Kwick Hangers

Kwick Hangers (Close up of install on trailer.)


  • $ 0.00 CAD
  • Three Kwick Hangers comprise one "set." The back of each of your Wal-Ez units plus any wall you'd like to hang your unit on requires three hangers properly installed for maximum strength.

Wal-Ez is pleased to offer our line of strong, adjustable wall units to dealers around the world. For more information on distributing our patented products please email Bernie Deschner at [email protected].

Product Description

Wal-Ez Kwick Hangers allow the Kwick Bench and/or Kwick Shelves to be easily moved from place to place. Instead of securing your unit to just one location you can expand its usefulness to multiple locations. Perfect for around the house, in trailers or in your manufacturing plant. Kwick Hangers allow, for example, you to complete a project in your garage, move to your deck for more space while BBQing and then move to the garden for the table space needed to repot a plant.

Once the three hangers are installed on the back of your Wal-Ez unit and onto any wall you’d like to have extra work space or storage when the time comes, one person can move a unit from place to place – all without a loss in strength (when properly secured, of course).

  • Just as strong as a regular Wal-Ez installation – holds up to 600lbs
  • Quickly move your bench or shelves from place to place
  • Perfect for around the home, garden, acreage or business

Installation Video

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 50 x 2 x 1 in